How It Works: Nonprofits

1. Learn about our work. Visit to view past projects, read about our services, and determine if we are the right fit for your nonprofit.

2. Ready to apply. Download an application and submit it by March 1, 2017 for projects completed by March 2018 to

3. Application review and selection. We'll review applications and announce selected nonprofits by April 4, 2017. Selected nonprofits will receive a contract and pay a deposit of 50% of the total design/project fee to secure their project's spot.

4. Project Kickoff. We'll meet with selected nonprofits to learn more about the organizations and their design needs. Then we'll draft a creative brief to summarize the goals of the meeting, discuss our project approach, and outline important dates in our design process. The creative brief is then presented to the nonprofit for approval.

5. Concept Creation. Once the creative brief is approved, we use the design process to develop smart solutions for the nonprofit. We research their services and mission as well as those of similar nonprofits and we brainstorm color, type, symbols, and imagery. These things are then connected to create design concepts.

6. Testing, Feedback, and Iteration. The next step is a collaborative process between our design team and the nonprofit. We conceptualize, design, and present mockups then gather feedback about our work from important decision makers. We take their feedback into consideration when developing the final logo and designing their selected deliverables.

7. Selection and Completion. Once the final logo and deliverables are approved by the nonprofit, we work towards preparing files for print and screen. The final files are handed off to the nonprofit once the remainder of the design fee is paid in full.

8. Measuring Results. After we’ve completed and launched your new design, we’ll check-in to make sure everything is running smoothly!


How It Works: Interns

1. Learn about our work. Visit to view past projects, read about our services, and determine if we are the right fit for you.

2. Ready to apply. Email a cover letter about your design experience and why you are interested in Do Good Design, your resume, a list of 2 references, and a link to your portfolio to *Send only a single, multiple page pdf.

3. Application review, selection, and internship duration. We review applications and announce our selected interns by March 27, 2017. Intern candidates meet us in person. Internships last 3-6 months, pay a monthly stipend, and may be taken for class credit.

4. Let’s Go. Once an intern is selected we meet to create their term schedule, sign their contract, and we are off! Interns learn valuable skills about layout, logo design, type usage, client presentations, and file production through shadowing creative director, Precious Bugarin. Interns will solve real world design problems for nonprofits and discover the value of working with organizations that serve our community.


Menu of services:

Logo Design, $2500
Logo Style Guide, $1500
Business Package, $1000
Promotional items, $500 each
Website, $3000 and up

For more details please download our application guide.

Ready to apply?